The Health and Social Care Network

The Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) is the next generation successor to the single supplier and 12 year old N3 network. NHS Digital’s vision is to utilise technology to drive improvement within healthcare, and a more cost effective, flexible network is key to this. The HSCN will allow multiple vetted suppliers to provide this network, bringing about greater interoperability while retaining the security of N3. HSCN underpins the health and social care initiatives such as NIB ‘paperless 2020’ and NHS England’s ‘five year forward view’. Joining HSCN will enable the ability to send and receive secure data between health and social care organisations. Network Information Governance requirements will be much simpler, networks will be standardised, and access to NHS Digital’s national applications will be simpler. In short, HSCN is designed to help deliver shared ICT services to meet the needs of an integrated health and social care sector.

As an N3 aggregator, AIMES are ideally placed to help customers transition across to HSCN, enabling them to recognise the benefits of exchanging more data, more securely, across more devices. HSCN connectivity into the AIMES Data Centre is available from November 2017. We can help you each step of the way as required.