Network Services

Network Services

AIMES can provide a full array of network services, and as we are vendor neutral, we can always recommend the best solution for your particular needs.

Internet Connectivity
AIMES has multiple connectivity options at our facilities, with diverse internet options from a variety of providers, including:

  • Console Network Services (previously IXReach)
  • Virgin Media Business (including connectivity to PSN)
  • Level 3
  • BT Openreach
  • Vodafone
  • N3 / HSCN

AIMES is a full member of RIPE, allowing us to operate as a Local Internet Registry (LIR) under the Autonomous System (AS) Number 48954.
Being an LIR allows us to:

  • Request IPv4 and IPv6 address space, AS Numbers and related services
  • Make IP assignments to our clients
  • Digitally certify our Internet number resources

N3/HSCN Connectivity

AIMES are an accredited and approved NHS N3 Aggregator and are entrusted by NHS Digital to monitor and maintain security of organisations connecting to the NHS N3 Network. Aggregator status is only awarded to organisations who have undertaken an enhanced set of security requirements. AIMES can provide N3 connected IaaS services, and can advise and approve Information Governance requirements. AIMES also are a HSCN Provider, which will replace N3 over the coming months ahead of the N3 retirement in August 2020.

Public Service Network (PSN) Connectivity
AIMES enable connectivity to the PSN network through our partnership with PSN Direct Network Service Provider (DNSP) Virgin Media Business.

Virtual interconnection and remote peering
Through our partnership with Console Network Services (previously IXReach/IIX) we are able to offer near-instant network expansion by connecting customers to one or more Internet Exchanges virtually; removing the need to setup extra infrastructure, tackle difficult legal issues and juggle multiple technical and billing departments. UK exchanges include: LINX, LONAP, IXManchester and IXLeeds. Connect remotely to key global exchanges, including: AMS-IX, DE-CIX and many others.

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