AIMES Health Cloud

Health Cloud is a dedicated virtual environment that enables NHS Trusts to use cloud technologies managing sensitive data in a secure governed environment. Health Cloud has allowed us to develop services and solutions specifically for our NHS Trust clients and 3rd party service providers. Health Cloud is only connected to either the Secure NHS Network (N3/HSCN) or directly to individual NHS Trusts with no direct route to the Internet.

AIMES has developed Health Cloud from 2012 into the the highly available environment that it is today, with dedicated High Availability communications links connecting our Cloud to N3 and HSCN. Our clients therefore have an environment which is both secure and locked down to their access policies. This allows clients to gain benefit from the cost efficiencies of a cloud platform, but not be bogged down with compliance and information governance issues, enabling easier integration into their existing organisational workflows.

Health Cloud is a secure environment as detailed above, however there are requirements from NHS Trusts and 3rd Party service providers to have access to this data from outside of the N3/HSCN environment. This can be facilitated through our NHS Digital approved methodology, whereby we create secure systems within an Internet connected environment, giving authorised clients a secure method to log in and to access the secure data.

Trustworthy Research Environment (TRE)

In 2015 AIMES was awarded the contract to host the infrastructure for the Connected Health Cities project.  

The Connected Health Cities project works to unite local health data with advanced technology, with the intention of improving health services for patients in the North of England.

Through better utilisation of existing information and technology within the current health and social care system, health care specialists can improve the lives of patients, and ensure that services maintain better inter-connectivity.

Through work with patients, health practitioners and digital health experts, AIMES will deliver research which is relevant, effective and has an impact on public wellbeing.

To assist this project, AIMES has created the Trustworthy Research Environment (TRE), a secure data analytics environment which provides access to the N3.

This type of environment is ideal for research institutions who are looking to bring sensitive data into an analytical environment, allowing them to produce algorithms and manipulate data which wouldn’t typically be available to them. The TRE boasts a separate analytics zone and data provisioning zone. The data provisioning zone is made up of Database Server, File Server and SFTP Server and this zone is connected to the N3 Network, which is where the Patient Data is ingested. The analytics zone is where the file server, publishing server and the VDI Instances sit. The VDI are accessed by secure VPN and 2 form factor authentication

The TRE is centrally managed and standardised for simple usage, utilising a controlled platform and secure access (VPN/GPD), making use of standardised data retention, back-up policies and secure VDI architecture.

TRE Diagram


Streamline is a secure e-trial document management system, which enables the management of clinical-trial data, developed in cooperation with Liverpool Heart & Chest hospital. The purpose of Streamline is to enable more innovation by minimising the burden of detailed documentation, with all the security and bureaucratic delays that go with it.

The benefits of Streamline include:

  • A reduction of administration costs keeping protocols up to date.
  • Increased visibility of the research data for adaptive trial designs.
  • Easier ‘paper free’ data collection for medical professionals.
  • Accessible from any web enabled device.

Quote from Ian Kemp, Research IT and Systems Lead for ICECAP Research Group

The online trial management system is a sea-change in trial governance. It relieves individual trial staff of the burden of site file management and provides many useful tools to the system administrators