Colocation Space


AIMES provide bespoke rack based colocation based on client’s individual security requirements. Security controls can be applied at the Rack, Cage and Pod level.

Individual Rack

42 U Standard Rack space (1.75 inches X 19 inches) provided in Kilby House. Cabinets are individually secured with key locks front and back or alternatively, can be secured by a proximity card system, if required. A cost effective solution for installation of customer’s rack mounted equipment. We can accommodate single or multiple racks in a secure controlled access suite.

Secure Cage

Dedicated cages are ideal for organisations with a corporate security policy that specifies the need for a segregated caged environment. A private cage from AIMES is a cost effective way of securely managing your colocation.

The cages provide reasonable clearance, both front and rear, to allow technicians to perform maintenance on the systems. AIMES provide these cages on a custom built basis and they are suitable for two or more racks.

Secure Pod

A Pod is a secure segregated area in a suite containing a number of racks grouped together and which may or may not contain cages depending on the client’s specific security requirements. Ideal for organisations who have a significant number of racks and require greater flexibility & Security than that can be achieved through utilising a cage. The Pods are designed to your specific requirements in terms of multi layered security access controls, power supply and fast, resilient connectivity.