AIMES Launch New VDI-as-a-Service for Healthcare

AIMES Launch New VDI-as-a-Service for Healthcare

Posted on: 04/06/2020

The Remote Access for Patient Identifiable Data Systems (RAPIDS) project is aimed at helping NHS and Social Care staff access secure clinical systems from outside of their normal working environment. The current Coronavirus pandemic has led to many healthcare professionals needing to work from home and this is often extremely restricting if they are unable to access information about patients - what treatment they are undergoing, what medications they are taking and the results of blood tests or diagnostic imaging.

The vision for the RAPIDS project is to create a new, cloud-based virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) service for use by health and social care professionals to remotely access clinical systems and patient identifiable data. This service will allow users to effectively "see" and use their standard desktop over the HSCN network

AIMES have over 10 years’ experience in providing secure virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to medical researchers in the UK - so that they can access patient data in order to carry out clinical studies and to improve patient care. AIMES currently host a wide range of services for the NHS, from complex electronic patient record systems to national registries (such as the Renal Registry) and systems to help assess risks for mental health patients. Their expertise in providing secure environments will be used in the RAPIDS project to provide VDI services which will be accessible from anywhere - allowing healthcare professionals to consult with patients (using, say, video-conferencing) but at the same time having access to the patient’s data.

The project commenced in June 2020 and the first demonstrator will be tested by 50 users from NHS Trusts to ensure the performance and usability of the service meets the staff needs. The RAPIDS service has the potential to simultaneously increase both the flexibility and the availability of computing resources for health and social care staff - but also to reduce costs.