AIMES: COVID-19 update

AIMES: COVID-19 update

Posted on: 19/03/2020

Dear Customers

Given current events around COVID-19 we recognise the pressures that we are all under to play our role in helping overcome this period of uncertainty, last week we announced our COVID-19 Business Continuity planning, which we have reviewed and is still valid. All of our staff have the ability to work from home to perform their duties in ensuring we continue to provide the services that our customers require. It is still “business as usual” at AIMES, and we are available and ready to help and support you during this time.

We have received client requests for our services due to COVID-19 as businesses activate contingency plans to aid remote working or adhere to measures such as social isolation. At this time we would like to make you aware that AIMES stand ready to provide whatever assistance we can to support our customers and partners over the next couple of months.

Therefore we would like to take the opportunity to outline the services we can provide at short notice, to help if needed;

1. Network Bandwidth/Transit
a. If any of our customers require additional HSCN or internet bandwidth we can action very quickly, and our upstream providers can prioritise health sector comms provision.
2. Staff Resources
a. Our Technical and Data Science teams have decades of combined experience in working with NHS Systems and Networks and stand ready to assist our front line NHS IT colleagues
3. Remote Virtual Desktop Instances
a. If healthcare workers require access to compute resources to operate bespoke software we can make available virtual Linux/Windows desktop machines quickly and efficiently
4. General purpose computing
a. Again if customers require compute resources to scale up services at this time this can again be actioned swiftly by liaising with our Service Desk

Our priority is helping NHS customers so we will be prioritising COVID-19 work for our “blue light services”, and we have put together a support fund so we can quickly provide services when requested.

As per usual for any urgent technical issues or questions please raise a ticket or contact our Service Desk directly on 0151 905 9705. To discuss more broadly services you may require from AIMES please contact your account manager or call the head office on 0151 905 9700.

May we take this opportunity to wish everyone good health and please stay safe.

Kind Regards,