AIMES launches new Graduate Programme

AIMES launches new Graduate Programme

Posted on: 31/10/2017

As part of our growth plans, AIMES is delighted to announce a graduate program that gives local people an opportunity to work for an exciting technology company and be part of an organisation dedicated to improving healthcare.

The first two graduates to join from The University of Liverpool and Newcastle University are Adam Ruby and Beth Minks respectively, who have joined at data scientists. We asked Beth and Adam to tell us a little about themselves:

Beth Minks
I studied Mathematics and Statistics at Newcastle University, achieving a First Class with Honors. I have always had a passion for Maths and working with numbers- it was always the subject I spent the most time working at in school.

I attended Archbishop Blanch CofE High School and worked extremely hard through to A Levels studying Mathematics, Psychology and Information Technology. Following my love for the Maths and Statistics modules taken at A Level I decided Mathematics was the degree I wanted to do. I wanted to move away from home and experience life in a new city and so Newcastle was the city I decided to go.

In my first two years studying my degree I had a roller-coaster journey understanding the different modules and areas of Maths I enjoyed. Some modules I took to very well and wanted to work hard at, others I didn’t enjoy. By the end of my second year I decided statistics was my strength- I was able to see how the work I was taught applied to the real world.

I graduated in July 2017 and eager to start my career I looked for jobs straight away. I progressively became interested in data analytical jobs and soon got the opportunity to interview for AIMES. The movement of AIMES’ work into health care data appealed to me greatly- being able to use my skills to make use of big data from the NHS to improve healthcare.

I have been working at AIMES for almost seven weeks and each day has brought a new challenge. Everyone here at AIMES is very friendly, supportive and are motivated to develop the company and to efficiently use skillsets to make a difference in healthcare. I am looking forward to work with real life data and hopefully add value to AIMES.

Adam Ruby
I’ve just graduated from the University of Liverpool with a 1st class master’s degree in Physics. I chose physics as it presented real challenges and seemed to perfectly couple the use of mathematics and modelling to explain some of the world’s most exciting, yet complex, phenomena.

Although recently graduating it was only when taking the final half of my penultimate exams that I realised just how important the major exponential increase in today’s ‘Big Data’ actually is. I therefore tailored the concluding year of my degree around this in the hope of gaining the crucial skills, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence, that would be necessary in tackling large problems whilst complementing the learning curve of a data scientist.

The graduate opportunity at AIMES could not have come at a more perfect time, providing a chance for myself to develop these skills with real-world data that has great potential on making a difference within healthcare. Every day comes containing new experiences combined with fresh information that has already taught me valuable lessons. The broad range of expertise resonating throughout the company is fantastic and although I have only been here for a short while, I’m delighted to be part of such a dynamic collaborative team and excited to get stuck into future problems.