LHCRE Q&A - Antony Shimmin, Client Solutions Consultant at AIMES

LHCRE Q&A - Antony Shimmin, Client Solutions Consultant at AIMES

Posted on: 16/04/2019

What are your thoughts on the LHCRE programme?

“The LHCRE program is very ambitious and furthermore is complicated by the fact that different areas are at different level of digital maturity to be able to deliver upon the 24 Technical Capabilities. LHCRE is about delivering upon improvements in direct care, population health management and research but with a defined set of capabilities expected to be developed by the exemplar regions. I think it’s very early days and there are some difficult decisions to be made locally as to adopting LHCRE’s mandated approach or doing something else entirely. Where there are existing care records it’s easier to adopt the LHCRE approach, however if you’re not even sharing data primary and secondary care the journey is going to be more difficult. I think this is the key difference between Waves 1 and 2 LHCRE winners.”

 Where do AIMES fit into LHCRE?

“AIMES and our partners address the 24 technical LHCRE capabilities, however our expertise is in bringing these systems together. As well as being a solutions provider we see ourselves as a partner of commissioners and the NHS in bringing together the various systems into one managed platform.”

“Furthermore, our internal capabilities are specifically around using data for healthcare purposes. We provide a platform capable of ingesting health data for direct care, population health management and research purposes. A good example of this is the work we’re doing on the AVERT Project which is aimed at predicting crisis using AI tooling in our Trusted Research Environment platform. AIMES value with LHCRE will primarily be part of the final phase of when it comes to working with the research community to be able to deliver real actionable insights into the patient data that has been persisted as part of the LHCRE program.”

 What relevant skills do AIMES possess for the LHCRE programme?

“We have a broad skill set ranging from Systems Integration, Systems Administration, Information Governance, Data Scientists, Project Managers – The expertise we have at AIMES is significant and focussed around delivering services into the NHS. Our service delivery team has over 80 Years combined experience in working within the NHS and delivering PACS and EPR systems into NHS Trusts.”

 What do you think the future holds for the LHCRE programme?

 As discussed before I think the future is slightly un-certain. It’s clear the Wave 1 winners who already have a care record of sorts available are more aligned and more readily capable of delivering upon the obligations to NHS England. The quicker Wave 1’s can advance the quicker the learned lessons can be taken into account with Wave 2 and 3 LHCREs who I think have the harder challenge ahead of them.”