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AIMES is an award winning cloud services provider spun out from the University of Liverpool. Our passion is to help transform healthcare through the deployment and use of emerging digital technologies.

We care about improving health outcomes in the UK and that “data saves lives” – we believe that the services we are developing in partnership with the NHS will have significant societal impact over the next 5 years.

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Health Cloud

A study management system facilitating large scale cross-site clinical research projects allowing different sites to form multi-centre collaborations.
Trustworthy Research Environment (TRE)
Secure data analytics environment for suitable for research institutions who require access to the N3 Network.

AIMES Cloud Services
ISO 27001 certified secure cloud storage vaults, Dedicated virtual servers and Private cloud services.

Latest News

Trustworthy Research Environment Q&A - Dr. Dennis Kehoe, Chief Executiv
What is a TRE? “A TRE is a trustworthy research environment, which is also often termed a data safe haven. They are digital infrastructures in which health data can be ingested and analysts can access the data using a set of advanced analytics tools. So typically we would take health data in....
Section 106 Q&A - Chris Appleton, Business Development Manager at AIMES
What is a Section 106 agreement? “Section 106 is the legal process of recovering financial contributions from new residential developments that impose additional unfunded demands and pressures upon NHS acute and accident emergency services infrastructure and other NHS services. These impacts ....
Integrated Care Q&A - Andy Meiner, Managing Director at Stalis
What is an integrated care record? “I think the general public assumes that the NHS is a highly integrated service so that when you visit your GP and discuss your symptoms which then results in a referral to your local acute or community hospital, that the information that is entered by the G....
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