Virgin Media Business

AIMES is a Virgin Media Business Wholesale Partner, allowing us to extend to the reach of our own fibre network to connect our clients our facilities.

We can offer an number of connectivity options to clients, including point to-point links between client offices and our data centres, or IPVPN services to multi-site clients.

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Virgin Media Business Public Sector Connectivity

Virgin Media Business have been working with Cabinet Office and the PSN (Public Sector Network) Program Team for many years. They are one of only four providers of the core of the PSN (the Government Conveyance Network – GCN) and were the first to be accredited for that work. They were also the first supplier to be accredited for connection services to the PSN (Direct Network Service Provider – DNSP). This means they understand the PSN and all the processes and technology required to deliver services to our customers and can help avoid the pitfalls.

The PSN is the key infrastructure enabler for transformation and shared services across the whole of Government and forms the backbone of the Government’s ICT Strategy – including the Governments Cloudstore (G-Cloud).

AIMES has been selected by the Government Procurement Service to deliver key elements of the G-Cloud programme through the G-Cloud II Framework Agreement. Working with Virgin Media Business allows us to combine cloud services hosting with delivery over the PSN to ensure that applications delivered safely and securely.

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