MUSA Project Update – September 2015

AIMES Research Technologist Dr Andrew Attwood and Project Engineer Antony Shimmin attended the 3rd meeting of the MUSA Consortium in Naples, Italy during September 2015. The meeting took place at the Universita Deglia Studi – Facolta Di Ingeneria. A member of the CeRICT consortium.



Day 1 consisted of a workshop dedicated to Work Package 5. We discussed the individual components of the MUSA Framework and their impact upon the use cases, with the ambition of demonstrating the viability of their application being deployed across secure multi-clouds. Days 2 and 3 consisted of work package progress meetings, led by the individual Work Package leaders.

MUSA demonstrates AIMES commitment to being at the cutting edge of cloud security, the emergence of the deployment of multi-cloud secure applications is a methodology which cloud service providers must now understand and adopt. We at AIMES through MUSA are at the forefront of understanding the business and technical needs for such environments.

We would like to extend our thanks to our colleagues at CeRICT for their hospitality and efforts over the course of the meetings. Significant progress was made and the consortium worked hard to make maximum use of the time to discuss the project face to face.

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