i-Move Project

The i-MOVE project, funded by the Technology Strategy Board, the UK’s innovation agency, is designed to create an Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem for transport, focused on relieving the problems of urban “congestion corridors” by enabling the development and implementation of new services and applications from a scalable and interoperable information hub at the AIMES cloud computing campus in Liverpool. Working with partners who have a wealth of experience, including BT, White Willow Consulting, PLACR, AVANTI and Traak, the project’s principal focus will be on the real time optimisation of recognised transport corridors in urban environments as they represent the critical constraints in the transportation system.

i-MOVE will create an information hub, incorporating data from both open and “by agreement” data sources using data from local traffic systems, mobile cells, the Highways Agency, social media and transport services to create a Transport Applications Store where new products and business models can and will be developed for freight, public and private transport. Initially the demonstrator will focus on vehicle access, commuter journeys and private vehicle routes on Merseyside but it will subsequently scale to other UK cities and the collaboration with BT and their Internet of Things transport project STRIDE means that data on the port access and routes to Felixstowe will also be available to developers.

The Technology Strategy Board is funding a further six projects and all are committed to interoperability so, via i-MOVE,  application developers and end users will have access to an enormous range of data from the built environment which will stimulate new applications. AIMES is enormously excited by the possibilities and would very much like to talk to any app developers wishing to develop an application using the data on offer. If this sounds like it just might be the sort of platform which gets your idea for an app moving then please contact Andrew Attwood or Michael Walker here at AIMES for an initial discussion.

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