AIMES’ data centre is provisioned with resilient power infrastructure, including resilient power ring in Liverpool innovation park, UPS and stand-by diesel generation. Tier 3 equivalent, concurrently maintainable, with N+1 redundancy on all major elements.

Each component and distribution path element can be removed from service without having any effect on the level of service we provide and this and this approach can be evidenced in the uptime figures below

Data Centre – Concurrently maintainable: 99.99 % Availability

  • Enables planned activity without disrupting computer hardware operation. AIMES facilities are designed and specified to ensure that planned activity can be undertaken without any disruption to computer hardware.
  • Multiple power and cooling distribution paths but with only one path active, includes redundant components (N+1). AIMES design specification for the DC facilities includes N+1 on all components and multiple LV path options
  • Annual Downtime of less than 5 minutes. AIMES current DC facilities deliver an independently verified 99.9996 uptime
  • AIMES new DC facilities are specifically designed for resilience and energy optimisation. Due to the design efficiency raised floors are no longer required for either air or power distribution.
  • UPS on cabinets, with automatic standby generator on-site.
  • We also have resilient internet connectivity, setup in an auto-failover configuration and involving diverse routes and providers:
    • Multiple internet provision
    • Separate carriers/entrance to building
    • Automatic BGP supporting failover
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