AIMES Grid Services has created a next generation, ISO27001 certified data centre in Liverpool to provide a secure, resilient and energy efficient hosting service with a focus on customer service.

Suite 1

Caged Areas Suite 1

Caged Areas Suite 1

Kilby House provides secure, high density data centre space competitively priced as either a Primary or Secondary site. The 3,000m2 facility has 1.5MVA of fully resilient power designed to Tier 3 equivalent standard and is located on Liverpool Innovation Park at the end of the M62.

  • Total Floor Area over 3,000m2
  • Total Capacity 180 Racks / 1.5MW

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The Kilby House facility takes advantage of the installed resilient power infrastructure at Liverpool Innovation Park, adding dual A&B UPS feeds and stand-by diesel generation. Tier 3 equivalent, concurrently maintainable, with N+1 redundancy on all major elements.

Each component and distribution path element can be removed from service without having any effect on the level of service we provide.

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Data Centre -Concurrently maintainable: 99.99 % Availability

250 kW Borri UPS

250 kW Borri UPS Cab 1

250 kW Borri UPS Cab 1

  • Enables planned activity without disrupting computer hardware operation. AIMES facilities are designed and specified to ensure that planned activity can be undertaken without any disruption to computer hardware.
  • Multiple power and cooling distribution paths but with only one path active, includes redundant components (N+1). AIMES design specification for the DC facilities includes N+1 on all components and multiple LV path options
  • Annual Downtime of less than 5 minutes. AIMES DC facilities deliver an independently verified 99.9996% uptime
  • We also have resilient internet connectivity, setup in an auto-failover configuration and involving diverse routes and providers:
    • Multiple internet provision
    • Separate carriers/entrance to building.
    • Automatic BGP supporting failover.
    • UPS on cabinets, with automatic standby generator on-site
    • ‘Meet me’ room for termination of client specified communications

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Kilby House
Liverpool Innovation Park
L7 9NJ

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