AIMES provide managed N3 Hosting and Data Centre services to health and NHS business partner organisations.


N3 is a Wide Area Network (WAN) that  connects many different sites across the NHS and is vital to providing the essential technical infrastructure through which benefits to patients, clinicians and the NHS can be realised.

Gaining access to N3 can be a lengthy and complex process. It can also be difficult for N3 HostingNHS business partners or third party organisations outside of the NHS to access the NHS network.

AIMES has experience of simplifying the required processes and shortening the time frames required to complete them. We also have experience of designing, implementing and hosting secure N3 connected environments for health and third party organisations in our ISO 27001 complient, Tier 3 equivalent Kilby House Data Centre. We also specialise in assisting with Information Governance Statement of Compliance (IG SOC) applications and completing logical Architecture and Network Design documentation prior to submission.

N3 Connection Guidance:

The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) has processes in place that ensure that non NHS business partners and third parties only use secure connections to N3 and that organisations connected to it are protected from potential external threats.
You purchase an N3 connection through the current N3 Service Provider. To do this you require an authority to proceed number (ATP).

The steps required to achieve an ATP are detailed below:

  • Complete the expression of interest form.
  • Complete and submit the IG SOC application form which includes details of your NHS sponsor.
  • Complete and submit the Logical Connection Architecture document.
  • Complete and publish the online IG toolkit assessment.
  • Once your IGT assessment has been reviewed and approval is acknowledged on all requirements of the IGSoC process, the authority to proceed (ATP) notification will be issued.

At AIMES we have the experience of assisting with each stage of the process, and clients can utilise as much or as little of our services as they require. Organisations that need to provide access to systems, applications and data over the N3 network can benefit from our high performance N3 hosting service and resilient network.

N3 Req AIMES N3 Services
Information Security AIMES Information Security Manager (ISM) will review your Information Security Management System (ISMS) including your information security policies, procedures and controls and if necessary assist with bringing them in line with the required HSCIC standards.
IG SOC. Assist with the completion of your Information Governance Statement of Compliance.
Logical Architecture Documentation AIMES senior network engineers will assist with the completion of your Logical Architecture Documentation including, answering and advising on security questions and designing your N3 connected network environment to enable it to securely host applications and data.
N3 Hosting AIMES will arrange the installation and hosting of your N3 connection into the “Meet me room” at our ISO 27001 Certified Tier 3 Kilby House Data Centre.
Host and configure your N3 Connected Network AIMES network engineers will configure and implement your N3 connected environment including colocating your physical servers, configuring your hypervisors with your approved virtual environments, adding firewalls and VPN security settings etc.

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