AIMES’ tailored business continuity protection solutions are designed to provide you with a bespoke and complete end-to-end service, and work in conjunction with your existing applications and architecture.

As companies become more aware of the importance of managing data effectively, it has become increasingly accepted that data loss, even for relatively short periods, can have a negative impact upon an organisation’s performance.  A company’s data is often considered to be one of its most valuable assets, as a result more companies are in the process of developing robust and cost effective strategies to protect their data and optimise its availability to be efficiently accessed if there is an event which causes downtime on the primary data systems or infrastructure.

There are many reasons for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery Protection, for example – Regulatory Compliance (both internal and external), data protection, cost to business from loss of services etc…

Over the last 5 years there have been significant changes in IT Infrastructure with the adoption of Virtual Systems to the costs associated with installing communications links. It is because of this almost wholesale re-adjustment in prices and capabilities, offsite data storage – or full server replication, is not now just confined to the Large Enterprise Organisations.

Colocation – Information protection

Your applications and systems are critical to your business and the need to protect your organisation from the loss of data or services that a disaster will cause is of paramount importance, the AIMES’ Disaster ….. Solutions will provide the levels of protection you and your organisation require.

  • Geographically diverse location
  • Secure Facilities – ISO27001 Accredited facility
  • Continuously maintainable infrastructure
  • Use existing hardware, software and network
  • Safer and less expensive than onsite tape and drive systems
  • Guaranteed data restore capability – Testing Facility available
  • Integrate fully automated and intelligent software that eliminates human error

More information on the Kilby House Page

Kilby House

Hosted Data Storage: Virtual Storage Volumes

Nothing disturbs the peace like server failure. AIMES Business Continuity solution provides real-time high availability and immediate disaster recovery so you never have to worry about downtime or the lost revenue and chaos that ensues.

  • Comprehensive high availability and disaster recovery for physical and virtual servers.
  • Real-time application and data protection
  • Individual server protection and failover
  • Failover executed in minutes, not hours, and can support dissimilar hardware
  • Supports MS Exchange, SQL Server, Oracle, SharePoint, BES and more
  • No distance limits for backup server
  • Near-zero data loss

More Information on the Virtual Storage Page

Virtual Storage

Business Continuity : Business Recovery Centre

In case of a disaster that leaves you and your employees unable to access your offices, AIMES provides a Workplace Business continuity solution that will allow you to move staff member to a fully functional, well maintained office space with IT facilities. Our Business Continuity service coupled with our Disaster Recovery package will allow your organisation to fully recover crucial data and information, and will enable staff to continue working at a normal pace.

More information on Workplace Recovery page

Workplace Recovery
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