The AIMES Business Continuity Centre supports the quick resumption of organisations “mission critical” business functions and IT processes. Our work area recovery suites are designed and tested to ensure service continuity in the event of an emergency.

If circumstances force your organisation from its current premises, access to the AIMES business continuity centre will allow you to re-create both your office and IT environment within a very short time, so that your critical operations will be up and running with minimum disruption to your staff, customers and communications.



Our business continuity services allow for piece of mind for IT dependant organisations.

Item Details Cost
10-100 Seats <>Seats:10 – 100 seats in Grade ‘A’ office facilities.Hardware: PC, monitor, keyboard, mouse, telephone etc.Testing: 2 full BC tests per year, each of up to 7 days duration.Occupancy Included: 8 WeeksMaximum period of occupancy: 14 Weeks £250 per seat per year
Additional testing day An additional business continuity testing day £750 per day
Additional days occupation An additional weeks occupancy £300 per week


AIMES’ business continuity centre is strategically placed at the end of the M62 at Liverpool Innovation Park to ensure the majority of North West businesses are within around 1 hour’s drive of the facility.

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