AIMES selected by NHS England to deliver the APPERTA Code4Health Solutions

Great comments received from Peter Coates NHS England this week who we are working with to deliver the APPERTA Code4Heath Solutions.

Over here at Code4Health Towers we are currently hosting the C4H platform on public MS Azure (multiple Linux VMs), when MS publicly release access to their 2 Azure data centres in England (in preview now for a number of customers including NHS Trusts they tell me) it may be an easy solve as you can contain your data in those two centres at, as I understand it standard Azure pricing.

IBM Bluemix Public Cloud can also be limited to data centres in England.

In addition AIMES a not for profit Community Interest Community with an awesome data centre in the North West (backed up by their London data centre, with another data centre England based currently under construction) offer private MS Azure at public cloud pricing, available to buy from G-Cloud. They can also take your applications through the IG processes.

We are working on an architecture that can host applications and persist PID in public cloud, connected to N3 using AIMES (who are an N3 Aggregator) when those applications need to say look up an NHS number and persist that against the data you are collecting.

Using free and opensource (but fully supported) components such as the mini spine services adaptor developed by Answer Digital for us and integration components from the Ripple Stack, Livecode app dev environment, etc.

Anyone who would like to know more or is interested in being part of this and chipping in then please get in touch. Apperta Foundation will be acting as Custodian and the funding vehicle to aggregate spend to achieve economy of scale.