AIMES completes acquisition of second Data Centre

At the end of June 2015, Liverpool based cloud-computing specialist and data centre operator, AIMES Grid Services, completed the acquisition of its second data centre, Kilby House. Having leased since 2012, AIMES has purchased the building, in a deal funded by Santander.

The award-winning, DCA Certified, 35,000 square ft. data centre at Liverpool Innovation Park boasts a 1.5 megawatt facility, designed to provide flexible and scalable data centre space for high-density equipment. The expansion is the result of a growing client base, as well as increased demand for the latest in break-through energy efficiency technology. The state-of-the-art building will propel Liverpool to the forefront of the UK digital technology industry.

In order to maintain the high levels of resilience expected by clients, Kilby House hosts an SN UPS and electrical infrastructure with N+1 standby power and cooling systems. The system is managed by an advanced monitoring system, constantly identifying opportunities for improved efficiency, resulting in cost saving as well as increased performance, productivity and adaptability.

Because of the current emphasis placed on efficient energy use, the data centre’s cutting-edge cooling systems are designed to save 3000 tonnes of CO2 a year, making them environmentally conscious as well as commercially competitive. AIMES is a voluntary participant in the European Code of Conduct, meaning that it has committed to reducing its carbon impact. AIMES has also been named as the first data centre in the European Union to have been awarded the data centre Alliance certificate, after being investigated in areas such as connectivity, cabling and cooling.

In 2014 AIMES received £2.6 Million in funding from Santander’s Breakthrough Programme in order to purchase Kilby House, including £800,000 in Growth Capital Funding. The money provided by Santander allows AIMES to further support its existing customers and to develop the business. Santander’s Breakthrough programme is aimed at ambitious businesses who demonstrate impressive growth in turnover or employment, the programme was created to help businesses achieve their maximum potential and create job opportunities. The investment has helped AIMES to conceive and construct an ideal data centre environment, and this expansion has already resulted in the creation of more than a dozen high-calibre technology jobs, with the potential for forty more.

AIMES’ recent growth has been a result of the growing application of digital services in the UK, particularly in healthcare, where AIMES is at the forefront of deploying new paperless health records, personal health data and new personalised genetic services.