Private Cloud


AIMES Grid Services Private Clouds are on-demand, scalable solutions housed in our secure ISO 27001 certified data centre, using physical infrastructure dedicated to an individual client. Private Cloud solutions are a good match for organisations seeking, security, customisation and flexibility.

Your Private Cloud is provided on dedicated servers running hypervisor software. This software provides a very light-weight Operating System designed specifically to enable virtualisation, allowing multiple virtual servers to be created on one physical server.

Each virtual server exists completely independently from the others and operates in the same way as a standard physical server. Virtualisation allows servers to be treated as a pool of resources rather than discrete systems so that they can be created and allocated on demand.

Feature Specification Per Month From
Name Private Enterprise Hypervisor £500
Processor 2 x 6C CPUs
Memory 64GB
Storage 2 x 500GB internal (or on AIMES SANs)
Configuration Configured by AIMES to customers’ specified virtual environment (Recommended 10 VMs Max)

Private SANs

Private SANs are designed for organisations requiring a significant quantity of secure offsite data storage, utilising physical storage devices dedicated to an individual client (rather a secure volume on our shared storage vaults).

Feature Specification Per Month From
Private Enterprise Storage 20TB (Replicated) SATA 5400RPM, RAID 60* £1,000
Private Enterprise Storage 20TB (Replicated) SAS 7200RPM, RAID 60* £1,200

* RAID 60 combines the straight block-level striping of RAID 0 with the distributed double parity of RAID 6. That is, a RAID 0 array striped across RAID 6 elements. As it is based on RAID 6, two disks from each of the RAID 6 sets could fail without loss of data. RAID configurations are based on client requirements.

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