AIMES provides a range Cloud Services based on industry standard virtualisation technology, delivered on secure shared infrastructure.

Shared Cloud Services

Using the shared cloud service will allow you to gain access to our on-demand technology platform that delivers the power of the cloud, without the need to invest in expensive hardware, employing new skills or paying for resources and all for a fixed monthly cost.

dedicated virtual server

Dedicated Virtual Servers

Our dedicated virtual servers offer a cost effective and scalable solution to businesses looking to harness the power of a dedicated physical server, but don’t want to pay the price that comes with it. A dedicated virtual server can be fully tailored to meet specific requirements, so you only pay for what you add on.

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Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage Vaults

Insuring the safety of your data should be a high priority. Traditional backup methods are fading out because of the high risk they pose to businesses. However, using cloud storage for data backups such as the AIMES secure cloud storage vaults, will ensure that your data is kept secure and away from any physical damage.

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Private Enterprise Cloud

Private Cloud Services

Private clouds are on-demand, scalable solutions housed in our secure ISO 27001 certified data centre, using physical infrastructure dedicated to an individual client. Private Cloud is a good match for organisations seeking, security, customisation and flexibility.

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Private Cloud

Private Enterprise Clouds

With increased user demand for services, enterprise cloud computing has demonstrated the ability to handle the increasing Internet data from rich web applications, services from online service providers, large data processing jobs and digital media creation with ease.

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private enterprise storage

Private Enterprise Storage

We understand how valuable your data is to you, as an organisation loss of data may result in loss of revenue or worse. At AIMES we offer storage solutions designed for organisations requiring a significant quantity of secure offsite data storage. Our Raid 60 drives allow for a failsafe feature that will keep your data safe and accessible even in the unlikely event of a failure.

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